Tenkiller State Park has three trails. 

All hiking trails are contained completely within the park.  Here's a brief description of each.

Written by Diane Rutland, Pictures by Diane Rutland & George Harris

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The Gum Springs Trail was built by the Gum Springs school children in the spring of 1997.  This trail is more of a wilderness experience than the Whispering Leaves Trail.  It is about mile in length and the entrance is at the Gooseneck Bend North campgrounds.  It wanders through the woods at the end of Pine Cove and then goes up on the ridge for a distance.  The trail meanders down to a beautiful place where the creek goes over huge slabs of limestone that makes up the streambed.  In the wet season you will find pools that house some of our native amphibians and crayfish.  The flora and fauna of this trail is quite beautiful and brings you up close and personal with the forest.  This is a short trail that everyone should see at least once.

Tenkiller Multi-Use Trail - This spectacular 1-1/2 mile long trail is paved and easily accessible for all ages and special needs hikers. The entrance is at the visitors center and loops completely back around. As you travel along this trail you will learn about some of the vast history of this area, including the Bean Salt Works that operated just below the present day dam in the early 1800's.  You will learn about the many native birds and mammals that frequent our park and the view from Crappie point showcases the bluffs, the dam and the spillway. You really don't want to come to the park and not get a look at this view.  The trail also takes hikers through cozy wooded areas where rock formations can be viewed up close and park user areas can be observed.    The trail features attractions like the bird blind, kids fishing pond, new Driftwood Nature Center and our RV campgrounds.

All pictures are 'thumbnails'. Click on the picture for a larger view

The Whispering Leaves Multi-Use Trail starts at the Visitor Center and takes in the area around the Fishermen's Point location concluding at a point near the cabins.  This trail is about one mile in length and offers a very scenic and rugged view of the lake.