Tenkiller Ferry Overlook Trail is maintained by the Tenkiller Project Lake Office, Corp of Engineers . 

Written by Cory Bowlin, Pictures by George Harris

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Recently, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers Matt Reeves, Cory Bowlin, and Student Conservation Association volunteers have been working to rehabilitate the Tenkiller Ferry Lake Overlook Trail. This trail is a very popular trail that draws in hikers year round. The trail is approximately 1.25 miles long and travels across 4 pedestrian bridges through a wooded portion of Tenkiller's Linder Mountain. Over the last few years, mother nature was beginning to take a toll on the popular trail. Many years of growth, fallen trees, and deteriorating bridges was beginning to make the trail increasingly difficult to navigate through. So SCA volunteers and Park Rangers teamed up and spent 2 days focusing on bridge repair, debris removal, and tree trimming. The trail has now been fully rehabilitated. Now that the trail is in great shape the SCA volunteers are currently designing interpretive signage for the trail. Although the trail is now in great shape, the trail will need constant up keep. Volunteers will be needed in the future to help maintain the trail. For any information or questions about volunteer opportunities regarding the trail, please contact the Tenkiller Ferry Lake Project Office at 918-487-5252. Editors note: The trail does not loop, the entrance/exit is at the Dam Overlook, and the other entrance/exit is on Hwy 10A directly across from the Methodist Boys Ranch entrance. Without a dropoff at an entrance, walk would be approx 2.5 miles.