Tenkiller Scuba Park

May, 2005 Tenkiller State Park-- State dignitaries and dozens of business owners, community supporters and scuba enthusiasts turned out for the dedication of the new Scuba Park located within the Tenkiller State Park at Fisherman's Point. A grant was received from the State that was acquired by the Greater Tenkiller Area Association, with great efforts from Marty Slater and Don Nowlin, to build the scuba underwater park. An area off Fisherman's point has been designated as a "Dive Area" with a school bus and several boat hulls lowered into the clear waters of Tenkiller giving divers a unique experience. Currently, the park is also working on acquiring a tank to be lowered into the water that depths of 60 feet are reached.   

John Ellis, president of the GTAA opened and conducted the dedication. Jeff Erwin, director of Oklahoma State Parks, Resorts and Golf Courses, is excited about the new unique scuba park. Erwin spoke of the joint ventures of the State Parks Department and the Corp of Engineers in getting the park set up. There has been nationwide attention drawn to the park. State Representative Doug Miller, R-Norman, spoke thanking the community and business leaders of the area for their support in getting the project done. Tim Knight, owner of Nautical Adventures has been instrumental in the project. Rep. Shane Jett of Tecumseh spoke of the vision of Robert S. Kerr that was key in the development of Lake Tenkiller. Marilyn Schellhamer, Pastor of the Cookson United Methodist Church, prayed and gave a blessing to the Park.

Rep Doug Miller and Tim Knight geared up and dove into the Tenkiller waters, taking a monument into the Scuba Park, placing it in a permanent location for all future divers to see.

Others attending were Sterling Zerley, Sandy Pantlik, and Tina Gilliland, staff of Oklahoma Dept of Tourism, Blue Hussley, from the office of Jim Imhofe, Steve Carter, Sequoyah County Commissioner, Steve Williams, Manager of the Tenkiller State Park, and Larry Casey, Lake Manager with the Corp of Engineers.   

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